Live from Logan Airport, first stop on the Tiny Tour, with news from all over...

Mark Feuerstein (aka Lucy's moviedaddy) has done got hitched. "He also has a featured role in a comedy film, "In Her Shoes," with Cameron Diaz and Shirley MacLaine; the movie is to be released in the fall."

I'm not sure the film is precisely a comedy -- in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not -- but all publicity is good publicity, so mazel tov to Mark and Dana, and thanks, New York Times!

Terry McMillan is pissed. Pissed, and prolific. She's already written a thousand pages about the bust-up of her marriage. I would pay cash money to read them, and, I suspect, if I'm patient, I'm going to be able to walk into my local bookstore and do just that.

Part Two of My Rocky Road to Hollywood is online at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And I hope to see some of you in D.C. tomorrow. I'll be at Borders at 1801 L Street at 12:30, then at Barnes & Noble, 4801 Bethesda Avenue in Bethesday at 7:30. Please note that while I will sign body parts, I will not sign babies (however, I did once sign a baby's cast, which I guess means I'll sign baby body parts, but only if they're wrapped in plaster, and the baby doesn't object).