Joanna is insisting that I post something new, so that the record of her shameful fascination with Nicky Hilton's throwaway will move down the page.

So I gave you...the Zoe D.

The deal with Pampers is that they come with Sesame Street characters and teddy bears and the like cavorting across the waistband. There's Elmo and Bert, Cookie Monster and Elmo, and Zoe, one of the Muppets who must have been introduced in recent years because I had no idea who she was when I first saw her.

Lucy has, of late, decided that she will only wear the diaper -- or the D, as she calls them -- with Zoe on it.

"No, no," she'll say, if I so much as bring a lesser diaper near her nether region. "Want the Zoe D!"

Then she'll sit up and rifle through the pack of sixty diapers, tossing out the Elmos, the Cookies and the Big Birds until she locates...

"ZOE!" she cries, sounding like she's just spotted her long-lost best friend at her high school reunion. "Zoe, you gonna go on my tushie?" (Which I guess you wouldn't necessarily say to your long-lost best friend at your high school reunion).

So I put on the Zoe D, and all is well, except only every sixth diaper or so has Zoe on it. Which means I'm stuck with 54 diapers that Lucy won't wear.

Anyone out there have a kid who's insisting on Bert and want to set up a swap?