Meanwhile, in case I was at all confused about my own place on the commercial/literary divide -- not that I am -- the latest copy of Elle magazine dispells any confusion. Along with the work of noted fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon, there's the inaugural fitness column by tennis babe Anna Kournikova.

What's keeping her entertained on the treadmill? "I get bored easily so I'll turn up the Top 40 music and even break out a book. I love anything entertaining; I'm currently reading In Her Shoes and GOOD IN BED, both by Jennifer Weiner."


I think I'll go get tee shirts made that say "Entertaining and Proud of It," and wear them at next year's BEA. Or maybe "Entertaining: It's Not A Dirty Word."

Who's with me?

(Either way, you should pick up the Elle for the very funny interview with Wendy McClure of Pound and I'M NOT THE NEW ME.)