Last night was Simon & Schuster’s fancy-schmancy Book Expo dinner party at Christie’s, where I learned that A., the cover of GOODNIGHT NOBODY is still not right (and when the honchos at Barnes & Noble tell you that, you tend to listen), and B., every single author dresses better than I do.

Also, I heard that James Carville's table got into a very heated political discussion. My table, not so much.

The cocktail party was held amidst the display of “The Marvelous Jewels of Margaret Adderley Kelly.” ‘Marvelous’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. My favorite passage of the catalogue described how Mrs. Adderley Kelly was a devoted collector of colored gemstones and that this was her favorite hobby.

I can just imagine how that mental debate went: “Hmm….should I collect colored gems or take up knitting? Macrame or big-ass blue diamonds? Petit-point or pink sapphires?”


I’m going to get a bagel with my sister and my Mom, then I’m heading back to the convention floor for a book signing. There will be a reporter there.

“So just be aware of that,” my publicist said sternly. “Don’t say anything you don’t want to see in print.”


“I mean it! Nothing!”

Wish me luck as I spend an entire afternoon trying not to drop the F bomb.