If you don't want to go to a theater near you, you can go to iVillage.com and watch the "In Her Shoes" trailer.

(Warning: you will have to sit through a commercial first. Mine was for Honey Bunches of O's.)

I'm going to be at the Free Library in Philadelphia at 7 p.m. Wednesday night having a conversation with the very smart and talented ex-pat Philadelphian Sarah Dunn, whose book THE BIG LOVE was hailed by Janet Maslin as "a charming little pirouette of a first novel." Sarah and I will chat about our tiny, sparkly girlie books, and giggle lots and French-braid each other's hair!

Or not.

We probably will talk about writing books set in Philadelphia, moving from journalism to fiction and watching our books move to the big screen, and, of course, the burdens and benefits of the chick-lit label. (And truly, THE BIG LOVE, while having charm to spare, was sadder and wiser than any pirouette I've come across).