Greetings from New York City and Book Expo ’05, the giant publishing confab where editors, agents, publishers and journalists meet and greet (and where lucky writers with comfortable shoes and capacious handbags can snag as many galleys and advanced reader's copies of the fall's hot books as their suitcases can handle).

I’m sitting in a hotel room with a stack of beautifully bound booklets containing the first sixty pages and the beautiful new cover of GOODNIGHT NOBODY. On Saturday night I’m throwing a book party, and everyone who comes will get a little booklet, plus some other fun stuff, some of which is drinkable. But the deal is, only party guests are going to get a peek at the new book. Everyone else gets a signed copy of the paperback of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES. Demand through scarcity!

(Meanwhile, I just looked at the RSVP list and found that Graydon Carter is not coming to my party. Drat).

Between now and Saturday night I’ve got two book signings, a few parties to hit, and plenty of time to wander the convention center floor, scooping up galleys and maybe – just maybe – getting John Searles to blog about my shoes. (John and I have the same agent. Which means he'll probably be blogging about her shoes instead).