Back in the department of if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, Terry McMillan and the younger-by-decades boy toy who inspired How Stella Got her Groove Back are splitting in the most public and acrimonious way you can imagine.

She says he lied about his sexual orientation, and was just using her to get cash and a green card.

He said that he was a mere lad of twenty when they hooked up, didn't know he was gay, didn't know she was a big-deal novelist, and sincerely regrets the $62,000 he borrowed without her permission.

Per the San Francisco Observer, the fight over he said/she said and who's owed what is going to be protracted and ugly.

And do you know why they're divorcing?

No, not because he's gay, or because there's a 22-year-age gap, or because, per the divorce filings, she bought him a dog-grooming business so he'd have something to do, and eventually wound up storming into said business and chucking ceramic figurines at his out-of-the-closet head.

It's the IN STYLE curse!

As tabloid readers know, many of the couples who have their beautiful nuptials and happy lives pictured on the glossy pages of that magazine end up in Dumpsville (population: them) shortly thereafter.

Courtney Thorne-Smith? Split from her hubby before the ink on the IN STYLE wedding issue was dry. Melissa Rivers? Big spread, not long wed.

Terry McMillan and Jonathan Plummer's Hawaii nups were featured in the February '01 issue. It was only a matter of time.

Two things seem sure: if McMillan's fiction is still inspired by real-life break-ups, a la DISAPPEARING ACTS, we'll be in for a scathing novel in a few years.

And this is bad, bad news for the Jamaican tourism industry.