Posting's going to be sporadic for the next few weeks, mostly because this novel is kicking my ass.

The thing about writing -- or, rather, revising -- a mystery -- is that any tiny thing you do has major implications. If you twitch the tablecloth where you're sitting, over at the other end the wine glasses topple.

So I'm going through, page by page, sentence by sentence, word by word, nailing down the details, making sure the mystery makes sense but is still, you know, mysterious.

God willing, I'll be through by the end of the month, and I'll post the first chapter, and the fabulous cover, shortly thereafter.

In other news, Lu is two!

She's been celebrating all week long with various parties, gatherings, birthday cakes and an Elmo balloon that she must have with her at all times.

She's also talking up a storm.

We were in the coffee shop the other day. I was having an iced coffee and sitting in a chair. Lu was sipping on a kid's milk and sitting in her stroller.

"Want get out!" she said.

"Well, why don't you just hang out there for a little while, 'cause we're going to be leaving soon."

"No, no, get out! Get out and sit in chair! Sit in chair and look at peoples!"

So that's what she did. I unhooked her, she clambered out of her stroller, sat in the chair, pressed her face against the window and yelled "HI PEOPLES!"