Good morning! This is the New York Times Book Review's Inside the List speaking, and I’ve just learned of something so deliciously droll that I simply had to share it!

Do you know that essayist Sarah Vowell, a regular on National Public Radio’s This American Life, provided the voice for a cartoon character in a major motion picture? Yes, it’s true! She was the voice of “Violet” in a picture called “The Incredibles!” A film made for children! How amusing! How delightful! How….

What’s that? You already knew that?

You knew it because you read it in Entertainment Weekly? Or Newsweek? Or…what’s that? You read it twelve pages ago in today’s Book Review, where we reviewed Miss Vowell’s latest collection?

Yes. Well, perhaps you’ve suffered amnesia after reading the review! Perhaps, on your way to your kitchen, for another cup of fair-trade coffee, you were struck with…with human waste from the Dave Matthews Band’s tour bus! And you’ve forgotten all about that delectable bon bon! So here it is again!

I wonder about Dwight Garner, the author of “Behind the Bestsellers” sometimes. Do they keep him locked away in a sensory-deprivation tank in New Jersey, deprived of any outside media, including the pages of the Book Review itself, so that he can print – or re-print – tidbits about Sarah Vowell as if nobody’d heard the news….or report, presumably with a straight face, that Curtis Sittenfeld’s PREP was an “underdog” book after his own newspaper had run no fewer than half a dozen mentions of the book and its author.

I like the concept of the column, but I wish it would focus on books that make the list that don’t get reviewed or otherwise mentioned by the Times.

Meanwhile, this late-breaking news: Jonathan Safran Foer is doing a live chat online at the Washington Post at three o'clock today.

Let's all log in pretending to be Deborah Solomon, asking why he hasn't written in so long!