Does anyone remember the puppet on "Sesame Street" who'd get really frustrated and start banging his head against the piano keyboard?

Did he have a name?

Because right now, I am that guy.

I've got three different sets of edits/cuts/deletions/additions/suggestions for Book Four, and I'm trying to make sense of all of them by Wednesday.

And the beautiful, beautiful blue-and-gold super-mysterious-looking cover that we all worked so hard on? The Simon and Schuster sales force nixed it. "Too Mary Higgins Clark." (Wait, that's a problem? Doesn't MHC sell a boatload of books?)


I took the girl to Toys R Us this morning to buy a Mister Potato Head, and they've got a whole section devoted to Star Wars merchandise. There was a Palpatine action figure that -- and I quote from the box -- "turns into Darth Sidious!"

I stood there with my shopping cart saying, "I think they just ruined the movie for me."