Sisterhood is Short-Lived

From Publishers' Lunch, and via Laura Lippman:

THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT: A Collection of Original Stories by America's Best Women Writers, selected and introduced by Elizabeth Merrick, founder of the Cupcake Reading Series and blog, created to support women writers of literary fiction, including stories by Francine Prose, Myla Goldberg, Vendela Vida, Aimee Bender, Curtis Sittenfeld, Jennifer Egan, and Samantha Hunt, to Julia Cheiffetz at the Random House publishing group (NA).

Francine Prose (whose BLUE ANGEL was one of my all-time favorite novels) is one of the signatories of that wrong-headed please-baby-baby-baby-please Oprah bring-back-your-book-club letter. So is Jennifer Egan. Ms. Bender's a "friend of Word of Mouth."

So on the one hand, it's "Oprah, do your part for women writers! We're all in this together, and we're all lost without you!" And on the other hand, we've got the country's (self-proclaimed) best women writers turning up their noses at their fellow women authors' more commercial efforts.

Nice, ladies. Very, very nice.