No updates for a little while, as I am on the road with my entourage (aka my Mom, my agent Joanna, and my baby).

I should have lots to report when I get home next week.

Meanwhile, a Joanna story to sustain you.

Last fall, when I was on the book tour for LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, and I was travelling with the entourage (Mom, agent, sister, baby), we got a truly horrific bill when we checked out of our hotel in San Francisco.

Joanna looked it over, frowning. "Let me talk to the manager," she said.

Twenty minutes later she hunted us down in the lobby, flushed with triumph.

"Okay!" she said. "They didn't charge us for the cot, and I got us a late check-out, and they took sixty dollars off the phone bill!"

My sister and I looked at each other.

"I didn't make any phone calls," I said.

"I didn't make any phone calls," she said.

Joanna bit her lip and tucked her chin into her chest. Then she looked up. "Okay!" she said. "Moving on!"