I'm back!

I'm back, and I saw the film version of "In Her Shoes!"

The movie is just amazing.

The performances were extraordinary -- especially Cameron Diaz as Maggie. Curtis Hanson, the director, is known for getting actresses to do their very best work, and this was no exception. Cameron's performance just rips your heart out. You'll love her, you'll hate her, you'll want to throttle her....and yet you'll be rooting for her, and for Rose, to get their happy endings.

The other player that comes off looking great is my hometown, the city of Philadelphia. I think that was one of the most thrilling parts -- to see so many neighborhoods, so many streets, so many places I know up there on the big screen.

Every time I'd see another place I knew I'd grab Joanna's arm and whisper, "Look!" (Of course, I also did this when I saw the words 'based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner' on the screen.)

It was a fantastic, magical, slightly bizarre and completely surreal experience, capped only by the Billy Idol sighting on the plane ride home. He was sitting two rows in front of us!

I told Joanna I'd pay her a hundred bucks to get him to sing "Rock the Cradle of Love" to Lucy. She didn't go for it.