All done!

The book's been sent to my editor, and the girl had I had a lovely morning wheeling around in her little plastic push car and getting the window boxes planted ("Oosie's fwower! Oosie's shovel!" "Oosie water the plants now!").

Tomorrow we're off to Connecticut, and I'll being doing some pre and post-Passover speaking engagements.

On Wednesday the 20th I'll be at Tufts, speaking about my "three novels, including 'Good in Bed', being a Jewish woman, (my) struggles with relationships, and empowered women searching for a sense of self."

(Note to self: come up with something to say about struggling with relationships other than wrangling my Nanna a role as an extra in "In Her Shoes.")

On Thursday the 21st I'll be at the Avon Free Public Library at 7 p.m., where I will not be speaking about my struggles with relationships. Unless someone asks about them.

Then, on Monday the 25th, I'll be at Simsbury High School! My old high school! Where I'm not going to talk about anything that might be even marginally offensive to anyone! (And where I think you have to be a student to attend).