A thousand pardons.

I didn't post about the Charlotte visit in advance because it was a private event for the Jewish Federation, and you had to pay to go, and in general, the only events I post on "On the Road" are free and open to the public.

And I promise to update "On the Road" with more of those events as soon as I have them.

Now that I know how many fans I've got down South, I also plan on trying very hard to include Charlotte on my next book tour -- either the one over the summer, for the paperback release of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, or the one in October for the hardcover release of GOODNIGHT NOBODY. Stay tuned!

In other news, tomorrow I get to see covers for book four!

I am so excited!

Actually, I'd be more excited if the girl hadn't been awake from midnight to two thirty in the morning.

"Mamacita!" she called. "Mamacita, where are you? Want the mamacita!"

When I realized she wouldn't be ignored, I went into her room, rocked her, soothed her, put her back in the crib. It was all good, until I whispered "sweet dreams" and tried to tiptoe back to bed.


At about one I gave up and brought her into the big bed. Adam went to the guest room, and Lucy proceeded to suck down a sippy cup of milk. Then she decided it was playtime.

"Five little monkeys JUMPIN ON DA BED!" she chanted, and jumped. On me. Ouch. I'm never reading her that book again.

"Lu, you have to sleep!"

She curled up on a pillow and stuck her butt in the air. But it was not to be. "WAKE UP MOMMY!" she said, springing straight into the air. And jumping on me again.

At two thirty I plunked her back in the crib. She screamed for a few minutes, then gave up and slept until seven thirty. Adam caught the early shift. At eight thirty he brought her into the bedroom.

"What can I do to help you?"

"Get her dressed," I moaned.


"Then put her in her stroller."

"Got it."

"Then tape a note to her jacket saying FREE TO A GOOD HOME, and wheel her onto the sidewalk. Someone'll want her."