Interesting fact about my covers: in every case, the publisher has given me a choice between two...and in every case, the one I didn't pick got used somewhere else.

GOOD IN BED could have looked like

(in fact, I'm pretty sure that those pretty red toes belong to the legs on the cover of GOOD IN BED.)

And this was almost the cover for IN HER SHOES (legs! shoes! Get it!)

Cool, but then again, can you find those legs on the cover of BEST FETISH EROTICA?

Finally, in probably my favorite reduce, reuse, recycle,

was almost the cover of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES (they were going to photoshop a bottle onto the nightstand).

Sharing a cover with a book I read to tatters, and hid under my mattress when I was twelve? Too cool!

Twelve hours or so and I'll know what GOODNIGHT NOBODY looks like!