Well, you know this was coming: the New York Times writes about desperate freelancers fighting over the power outlets at their local coffee shops.

I've been pretty lucky in that regard -- the coffee shop where I work has plugs a-plenty, and I've almost always been able to score one when I needed it. If not, my laptop can go for about four hours on its battery, and four hours is pretty much as long as I can write for one stretch, so it's all good.

(I can't remember if I told this story before, but a while back, someone was interviewing me about how I get my writing done, and I said, "Well, in the afternoons I work in a coffee shop." She stared at me and said, "I thought your books were doing well!")

Meanwhile, here's the always provocative Laura Kipnis talking about why feminists can't make peace with fat.

And now, a request for help: is anyone out there an opera singer? Or does anyone out there know an opera singer whose brain I could pick for a little while? One of the characters in my new book is an opera singer who marries a bassoon player, and I want to make sure that I'm getting the details right. Email me at jen (at) jenniferweiner.com and let me know.