Lucy and I were walking home from Rittenhouse Square this afternoon when she started waving her empty sippy cup. "Mook!" she said, which is Lucy-speak for 'milk.' "Mook!"

"Okay, sweetie, just hang on and we'll go get more milk."

Silence from the stroller, then she started pumping the sippy cup in the air. "Stah-bucks!" she said. "Stah-bucks!"

This is just wrong. But, in our defense, if you go to the Starbucks at Broad and Pine, they will not only A., sell you a kid's sized milk for the very reasonable price of a dollar; but B., offer to wash your sippy cup and pour the milk in there. It's just weird that Lucy can now say it. I was so hoping to keep her away from brand names until she turned two.

Thanks so much to all of the bassoon players, or friends/girlfriends/ex-wives of bassoon players out there who answered my call for information. I'm going to spend the next week or two talking opera, and bassoon. Then I might have more questions in re: the new book. So stay tuned, and thanks for helping.