If the New York Times sent you, hello and welcome to my weblog!

But first, one tiny point of clarification: I was a novelist before I was a blogger. I started Snarkspot years before the birth of my daughter Lucy, and about seven months after the publication of my first novel, GOOD IN BED.

I kept it up through the writing, publication, and film adaptation of novel number two, IN HER SHOES, and alongside Novel Three, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES.

So this isn't just an "online shrine to parental self-absorbtion." It's an online shrine to authorial self-absorbtion, too!

You won't just read me complaining about morning sickness, stomach flus, truncated naps, and poopy diaper emergencies. Oh, no! You can read about morning sickness, stomach flus, truncated naps and poopy diaper emergencies on book tour.

Nor will I just bitch about the baby. I'll also complain about the weather, the Mummers, sexist book reviewers, unresponsive New Yorker editors, foreign translators and my relatives' unwillingness to cough up the cover charge to hear me speak. Plus, read about my nanna's film debut!