Some readers write: what do you have to say about America's Next Top Model? And The Amazing Race?

Answer: probably the same stuff most of you are saying. I was horrified with Jonathan shoving his wife, bemused by his quasi-medical blame-the-editors explanation of same. I'm not sure whether the network did the right thing in airing the footage without immediately booting Jonathan, saying "yelling is one thing, shoving your partner is something else." I'll be curious to keep watching to see if he gets worse, and whether the powers that be do anything about it.

And ANTM? Ever since my beloved Toccara got the boot, I've been meh on the whole thing. Eva? Fine, I guess.

Lastly, there's been some griping in one of the local free weeklies as to the "nebulous" nature of the gold medal I won, and I will not have any prize o' mine so cruelly maligned.

Let me assure you -- this thing is for real.

It's real, and it's spectacular.

Here it is, nestled in black velvet!

Here it is, posing with a TastyKake!