The Elmo obsession is getting worse.

Over the weekend, Lucy rifled through an entire package of Pampers to find the ones on which her beloved Ahlmo was depicted. Then she carried the diaper downstairs and hugged and kissed it, until we convinced her that it looked kind of weird (actually, we just took the diaper away).

Today we went to the library for story time, and to check out some books. "Lucy, what kind of book do you want?"

"Ahl-mo! Ahl-mo! Ahl-mo!"

I figured, okay, maybe a book about a character isn't as bad as letting her watch the character on TV, so we broke down and checked out a "What's in Cookie's Kitchen" board book, depicting Cookie Monster (in Lucy parlance, that's Cooo-keee! Mon-see!)

We were reading the book this afternoon, and she pointed at the green Sesame Street logo on the front page. "Sess-ee Seat! Sess-ee Seat!" she said. Then she grabbed the remote control and pointed it at the set.

Crack. I swear to you.

Meanwhile, the vocabulary updates. Lucy can now say "octopus" and "Pupperoni."