Yet another reader writes:

Dear Ms. Weiner,

How I wish I didn't know your political leanings. You had been my favorite author up til now (am loving Little Earthquakes presently). You are smart and funny and I had fantasized about having you as a friend (true!). Not so much now.

I LOVE many of my liberal friends, love many many of my Jewish friends, but I can't STAND to have a "public person" (writer, actor, newscaster) using their platform to speak about politics.

I'm certain you have indeed alienated many of us Republicans. Too bad. I'm even less sympathetic than I ought to be with your airline/la Lu story.

Take care, I'm not visiting your site any longer. (I can hear you laughing at me as you read this, by the way!)

Oof. Well, I'm not laughing. Nor am I surprised. I knew the risk of using this weblog to talk about politics when I did it last night. And, as I said, normally I'm pretty disenchanted when a random actor/singer/whatever thinks that his or her fame makes his or her political opinions any more relevent.

But the gay marriage thing has me riled to the point where I felt like I had to say something -- not just becauase I'm a liberal, or an author with a website, but because it's something I feel personally connected to and passionate about.

So there you have it. And as for my alienated Republican ex-reader, I told her I was sorry she's disillusioned, but that someone who'd say "Because of your politics, I am less sympathetic to your daughter's bad time" isn't anyone I'd want as a reader -- much less as a friend -- in the first place.