More things I'm thankful for... The new season of The Amazing Race (you're all watching, right? Right?) The hilarious recaps of America's Next Top Model on Television Without Pity. Feel the Taye Diggs love! Peter Straub's new novel, IN THE NIGHT ROOM. Creepy good.

Lu saying "thank you" all the time. It actually sounds more like "tink oo," and I think that in her mind it means, alternately, "thank you for giving me that sippy cup/pretzel rod/book I am interested in," or "give me that sippy cup/pretzel cup/book I am interested in RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW."

We were checking out of the grocery store and Lu had grabbed a box of raisins. I pulled it away from her so we could check out, and her lower lip began to quiver.

"Tink oo!" she said, holding her arms out to the cashier.

"No, honey, she's got to ring it up so we can pay."

"Tink oo! Tink oo! TINK OO!" she said, louder and more insistently, waving her arms for the elusive raisins. Finally, she got the raisins back. One more "tink oo," and we were good to go.