Greetings from sunny Florida!

I'm down here with the baby, my Mom, my Nanna, Joanna, Molly my sister and, making a rare guest appearance, Uncle Joe Weiner, who Lucy just adores.

"Hi, Joe!" she says.

"Hello, Lucy," says Joe, and he takes her into the swimming pool, under the waterfall, and to stage covert raids on the other kids' pails and floating toys.

Meanwhile, Aunt Molly is taking classes in commercial acting and has decided that her destiny involves being cast in an ad for a product designed to alleviate gastric distress.

This meant she spent three hours last night feigning diarrhea.

"Oh," she'd groan in the middle of the appetizers, turning pale and clutching her belly. "Oh, GOD, I need a TOILET!"

"Molly?" Nanna gasped. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," said a recovered Molly, sipping her drink. "Convincing, wasn't it?"

Meanwhile, I'm part of the online discussion of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES over on Barnes & Sign up, ask me questions, join in our communal commiseration about the lack of chic plus-size maternity clothing options. It's great!