The big story in our house: three days shy of her eighteen month birthday, Lucy's finally walking!

I can't remember how much I wrote about this, but we went in for our fifteen month (which was closer to a sixteen-and-a-half-month) checkup, and the Lu still wasn't walking on her own.

She'd cruise very happily holding on to furniture and walls. She'd walk forever holding an available grownup hand. But she hadn't taken so much as a single step on her own, and I was getting worried (especially because all of her baby friends had been walking for months).

The doctor checked out her hips and her knees. He watched her pull herself up, and push his wheeled stool around the office. "Well, she's obviously physically ready," he proclaimed. "She might just lack confidence."

Lack confidence? My daughter?!?!

"Do you carry her a lot?"

I don't think so, I said. But I think I was a late walker. At least that's what my mother says. But she's not sure. "There were four of you...who can remember?"

"Okay, let's give her until eighteen months, and if she's not walking then, we'll try some physical therapy."

I've been the tiniest bit stressed about the walking situation since then, and doing everything I could to encourage bipedal forward motion, including shlepping a Fisher Price walker with me for two weeks of the book tour.

It was in Kansas City that the Lu took her first step. The next day, in Denver, she took a few more. In Los Angeles she walked for ten steps holding her cousin Olivia's hand.

Then, in San Francisco, we took her out for dim sum. We were taking a post-brunch stroll and Lucy wiped out on a marble floor, biting her lip in the process. She barely walked for two weeks after that.

But last Wednesday night -- before the Flight from Hell, actually -- I think she just decided, "okay, enough with the crawling." We were walking with her holding my hand, and then she let go and just took off, heading straight for the stuffed animal display at the souvenir shop.

Ever since then, she's been a walking girl. And she made her deadline with a week to spare!

Next up: purchasing the potty.