Okay, so when we last left off, I was sitting in the green room of The Jane Pauley Show, feeling trepidatious.

Yes, all of the guests who'd lost weight were expressing mixed feelings about their new selves -- but from where I was sitting, all I could hear was the audience whooping in praise of the before-and-after pictures.

Then the comedian who'd lost 170 pounds asked me why I was on the show. "I write novels," I said. "Good in Bed?"

Her eyes lit up. Her jaw dropped. "Oh. My God. OHMYGOD that is my FAVORITE BOOK!!!" she said.

I was surprised. I guess I'm always surprised when someone who isn't, you know, related to me says that.

Then the producer led me out to the studio, where I could hear Khalia Ali talking about her decision to have her stomach banded. My own stomach was flipping around in a most alarming manner as the makeup guy powdered my face, the sound lady adjusted my mic, and I took my seat across from Jane Pauley.

"Jennifer Weiner is a phenomenon," she began. The audience cheered. The audience screamed. I have no idea whether there were people telling the audience members to do that or what, but it was pretty overwhelming.

"GOOD IN BED," Jane began.

"Well, I like to think so," I said modestly.

More cheering. More screaming. Jane cracked up.

"Hey, if Jane Pauley says it, it must be true!" I said, feeling incredibly pleased that not only was nobody booing, people seemed actually pleased to see a plus-size woman who wasn't planning on weight-loss surgery on the stage.

So I said my piece. I talked about how I'd always been on the larger side, but that I'd never been pathetic -- how I'd always been active and athletic, always done well at work, always had boyfriends. "And sex, too," I said. "Sorry, Mom."

I talked about how I came to write GOOD IN BED after going through a terrible breakup, and how I wanted to tell a story where a girl who looked like me got her happy ending without magically becoming thin.

I talked about the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY photo shoot, GOOD IN BED getting optioned by HBO, baby weight and the pressure to lose it as fast as the movie stars, and how, as the previous guests had demonstrated, losing weight doesn't guarantee you inner peace or a happy ending or anything, really, except that you'll be wearing smaller clothes.

Finally, I talked about how I hope that my books help all women -- on diets, off diets, pregnant, new moms, and everyone in between -- to feel a little bit better in their own skins, and a little more at peace.

"I want to have you back!" Jane Pauley said.

So that was that, and all was well that ended well. Life is good...and the show will air some time next week, I think -- I'll post the info when I have it.

L'shanah tovah to everyone who's celebrating...and for everyone who asked about why the reading in New York conflicts with Night Two of Rosh Hashanah, please note that I"m reading in Brooklyn at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Hope to see you all there!