From Publisher's Lunch's Deal Report...

"Deanna Kizis's WITH HER BLESSING, dubbed "Jennifer Weiner meets Adele Parks," to Karen Kosztolnyik at Warner, and to Harriet Evans at Headline, in a nice deal, by Eugenie Furniss at William Morris."

Does this mean I actually get to meet Adele Parks? Because that would be cool.

Six days until the new book comes out and I am a nervous wreck. You'd think this would get easier once you'd done it before -- twice -- or when you've got a toddler to focus on, not to mention "The Amazing Race."

You would be wrong.

Lucy and Molly and I are visiting Joanna in the Hamptons, and it is gorgeous here. I keep driving past the quaint little farmstands and beautifully manicured lawns and roads that wind past the dunes and ocean views and little clam shacks and saying, "Now, where are all the mean celebrities and publicists with lead feet and bad tempers, exactly?"