Molly 101

"I want that," my sister Molly says, espying my wetsuit. "What is it?"

"Don't you think you should figure out what it is before you tell me that you want one?"

"That," says Molly, "just wastes time."

Molly, Part Two

"What are those?" Molly asks. We're outside of the bicycle rental shop, and she's looking at the children's half-bikes mounted on the back of adult cycles.

"They're for kids," I said, pointing out a perfectly good bike had been provided for her.

"I bet I'd fit!" she said. "And then I wouldn't have to ride, and you could just pull me along!"

Molly Reads My Email

"Ooh, it says here that your agent has a check for you!"


"Do you know how much it's for?"


Molly thinks it over. "Well, can I have it, then?"

Molly Reads the Manuscripts

"They want you to give this one a blurb?"

"A blurb. Yes."

"Well, I guess it's not the worst thing I ever read, but it's totally ripping you off!"

"I don't think they'd want a blurb saying that."

"Maybe they would," she said, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling fan. "I Guess It's Not The Worst Thing I Ever Read."

In addition, Molly has re-named Lucy's high chair the food chair (as in, "Okay, Lucy, now go in your food chair!") She's also taught Lu to do this weird, almost hula-ish gesture with her right hand whenever Molly says "Make bread! Make bread!"

Of such things are memories made.

God help me, I just love the story of the drunken bear. I've already got Adam working on Bear's First Speech to His Inevitable A.A. meeting. ("Hi, I'm Yogi, and I'm an alcoholic." "Hi, Yogi!" "Um, I guess my drinking started socially...and then I'd use booze to forget...")

And finally, for everyone who ever believed that publishing's just one big Jay McInerney-masterminded marketing push to get the next pretty face in the bookstores and on the talk-show circuit (before she turns twenty! Hurry, hurry, hurry!), I commend -- although that's probably not quite the right word -- Doug Dechert's bitter, bitchy recounting of his life and times with Abigail ("Bad Girl") Vona.