Lucy's Vocabulary Update

Many new words, including...

Pot pie! (Pah pie)
Peach! (Peeetch)
Beach! (Beeeetch)
Fan! (Fahhh)
Flower! (Flah)
Wendell! (Wenn)

She can also, when asked, point out her teeth, her ear, her nose, her toes, and her belly button.

True, she is not, as the French say, walking quite yet. But still. Genius!

Meanwhile, a trend: there are actually books being published right now that say "In the tradition of "Good in Bed," or "with the irreverent humor of "In Her Shoes."

How strange is that?

It's flattering and a little bit bizarre. I mean, I can see "in the tradition of Philip Roth." Or "Margaret Atwood." Or "Jane Austen." Or even "Helen Fielding," or "Susan Isaacs," mother to us all.

But "in the tradition of Jennifer Weiner?"

Very weird.

Fortuntely, I've cracked the code. If a book says anything about "in the tradition of GOOD IN BED," someone in the story is fat. If it says "in the tradition of IN HER SHOES," someone in the story is Jewish, or old, or both.

Finally, a very nice and extremely comprehensive Q and A with Jewish Women International about books, babies, and how every other mother in the world has it figured out better than me.