Well, I've left the Cape for the rough streets and unrelenting humidity of New York City. I'll be here recording the audio version of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES for the next few days. I am already resisting the temptation to give a mid-recording shout of "I need more COWBELL!," in case the producers aren't quite as enamored of Christopher Walken on "Saturday Night Live" as I am.
I've gotten a few emails lately from people wanting book recommendations for the summer. Here's what I've read and loved lately: John Searles' STRANGE BUT TRUE (gulped it down in one feverish pitch, ignored baby in its favor); Walter Moseley's THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT (okay, so I'm late. It was still terrific); Mary McGarry Morris' A HOLE IN THE UNIVERSE, which had a truly horrific cover but was a great, gripping read and Michael Cunningham's A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD (late on that one, too, but it's so good).
So that's what's up: I'm here for a few days, then back to Philly for a few days, then -- whoo-hoo! -- back to the beach.