I think I'm going to chuck it all and apply to be Jeffrey Steingarten's assistant.

But then I read the job description and I think: writing clearly AND doing errands?

Maybe not.

Actually, I'm just jealous. I want to advertise for "the incredibly sought-after job of assistant to the food critic of Vogue magazine." Only instead of "food critic of Vogue magazine," it'll be "me."

And instead of "incredibly sought-after," it'll be "not so much."

Or maybe not.

In other news, Lucy is talking! She has a rich and varied vocabulary that includes the following:

Bug bite! (buh bite).

Back pack! (bah pah)

Knock knock! (knock knock)

Book! (buh!)

Dog! (doh!)

Down! (Dowwwwwwn!)

No! (No! Noooooo! No, dowwwwwwn!)

Bye bye!

She also has several other cute tricks: when you say "Up?" Lucy will say "Down!"

When you ask, "Lucy, where's the fan?" she will check out the ceiling to determine whether there is, in fact, a ceiling fan. If there isn't, she will shake her head firmly back and forth and say, very seriously, "No."

When you're talking on your cell phone and you say, "Okay, 'bye," Lucy will add her own "bye."

And of course, the classic: If you say, "Lucy, pat your 'fro!" she will plant both hands on top of her little curlyhead, and giggle.