The coffee shop where I do my writing has become a wireless hotspot.


I'm supposed to be writing, but all I'm doing is getting more and more outraged at the posts here.

Honest to God, as the very wise Amy points out -- you want to be an all-natural, sling-wearing, cloth-diaper using, breastfeeding, co-sleeping attachment-parenting stay-at-home mama, and your lifestyle (and, presumably, your spouse's income) make that possible, then sure, by all means, go for it.

But don't try to make other mothers feel lousy about their choices because they didn't choose the same things you did.

I was interviewed the other day for a magazine piece on working motherhood. The writer asked what the best piece of advice I could give a new mother was, and I think I said something about "Don't expect perfection and don't beat yourself up for not achieving it." Now, I just want to call her back and say, "For the love of God, stay away from online discussions! And don't take the polls at, either! That way lies madness!"