Post Office, Part Two: I came home yesterday to learn that an actual post office box had become available, so today I headed back into the post office to claim it.

And I didn't have to deal with a surly worker, either. In fact, the woman behind the counter seemed genuinely regretful when she looked at my last name, frowned, and said, "I think we just sent back a bunch of stuff for you."


"Well, it was undeliverable. It didn't have a post office box on it."

"But I didn't have a post office box yet!" I said, brandishing my application as proof. "That's why I'm here! To get a post office box!"

She shrugged.

"And I was in here Tuesday...and yesterday...."

Another shrug.

I took a deep breath. "Can you tell me what you sent back?"

"One letter, I think," she said. "And a few packages."

"Big packages?"

A reluctant nod.

"A big high-chair-shaped package?"

"Maybe," she said.

My heart sank. Ever since we've been up here we've been feeding Lu in her sassy seat, which clips on to the table. Unfortunately, the girl has figured out how to slip out of the straps and stand up on the bottom of the thing, bouncing up and down vigorously and lunging toward the center of the table.

Let me just assure the non-parents among you that this is not particularly the kind of thing you want to see your almost-fourteen-month-old child doing.

So the high chair's presumably en route back to a warehouse somewhere, and we're stuck with the sassy seat for the forseeable future.

The good news, though -- it's already in the new book.