We're now T minus 21 hours away from Lu's Grand Birthday Bash.

The cake has been ordered. The pink lemonade has been secured. Impatiens and petunias have bene planted. Pink plates and napkins have been purchased (and that wasn't easy, as most of the little-girl-birthday paraphernalia has been branded with either Barbie, SpongeBob, and Lilo and/or Stitch).

Last but not least, Lucy's present has been purchased and assembled.

I went back and forth on the whole present thing. People would ask, "Ooh, what are you getting her?" My feeling was, look, I gave her life, for starters, and a year's worth of mostly adequate care, except for that one time she fell off the bed, so I really don't think I also have to cough up something from Fisher-Price, too. Especially since I dropped way more than I meant to on Lucy's sassy birthday ensemble.

I should just not be allowed into those chichi baby boutiques. Not only did I get suckered into the little strawberry-print dress ("It's vintage!" the salesgirl kept saying. "It's too much money!" I refrained from saying back), I also wound up leaving with the coordinating strawberry sweater, so-cute strawberry barrette and the Petite Bateau ruffled diaper cover.

Twenty-one dollars for a diaper cover.

I am so ashamed.

And then I started feeling guilty for not having a present. So, long story short, I went to Target (where they have everything), and got this. And Jamie, greatest nanny ever, put it together, because Lord knows that would have been beyond me.

Shh, don't tell Lucy what she's getting!