This is weird.

I was getting email sporadically all day, and just now I got about twenty new pieces. Anyone else's hotmail acting up?

Anyhow, to answer the recurring questions, no, I haven't read Bergdorf Blondes, but I assume I will -- maybe on the plane ride to Chicago next month.

No, I don't think anyone ever figured out who Jane Austen Doe is. Karen Joy Fowler, anyone?


And for those of you who stumbled across it on Amazon, I'm not actually the author of American Girls About Town. I did contribute a short story called "The Truth About Nigel," about a British bank worker who learns that the guy she's fallen for isn't who she thought he was.

It's very loosely based on a story my British publicist told me. She was working at the publishing house where Renee Zellweger was undercover doing research for the first "Bridget Jones" movie and had no idea that Renee was anyone other than who she said she was -- a twentysomething Brit named Bridget. Mortification ensued. My story, however, flips the genders, adds some romance, and has a happier ending.