My Nanna left me a message. "Are you all right? You haven't written anything on your computer!"

Yes, I'm fine. I've just been travelling -- to New York, for the new author photo photo shoot, to Simsbury, for an event at the library, home again for a few days, then up to Amherst, MA, for my husband's tenth reunion, which was a baby bash.

His graduating class had something like 400 people, and 26 percent of them have babies. The front lawn of the dormitory where the events were held was one giant Maclaren parking lot, and there were babies everywhere -- babies in slings and carseats, babies crawling and cruising and walking. It was something to see. I enjoyed checking out the two-year-olds and seeing where Lucy would be at this time next (if baby Samantha's any indication, that'll be running around saying "Daddy! Daddy! Lucky Charms!").

It was also interesting checking out the women who were mothers and the women who weren't, and the different fashion choices they made at the Saturday night dinner-dance.

Jeans: Probably a mother
White jeans: Probably not

Jeans paired with sweatshirt: Probably a mother
Jeans paired with sparkly green sequined top exposing two inches of midriff: Probably not

High heels (on feet): Probably not a mother
High heels (kicked off, on floor): Probably a mother

Dress selected after hours of careful shopping, accessorized with matching amber earrings and choker, pashmina scarf, high heels: Probably not a mother
Dress selected after minutes rummaging through closet on the basis of its being clean: Probably a mother

Anyhow. More soon on the author photo shoot and life with Lu, but for all of you Chicago readers who've been asking, I'm not going to be at Printers Row, even though I previously said that I was. We just couldn't work the schedule out, because I have to be back East the next Sunday morning for an event in New Jersey.

However, I will definitely be in Chicago this fall for the release of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, and I hope to see you there!