You know how I said that, in addition to not making a total ass of myself, I didn't want to be a pushy stage mom?

Remember how I said that both goals were totally out the window by day three of IN HER SHOES filming in Philadelphia?

Well, they're even more out the window now. The other day, I got The Call.

"Would you like to be an extra in the Italian Market scene?"

This is problematic. For months, I've been telling everyone I had no desire to be in the film. And that was pretty much true, until it became apparent that this is, you know, an actual movie, and it's shooting right around the corner from me, and...well...there's certainly precedent for authors appearing in the movies made of their books, and...

"And maybe you can bring your daughter and she can be in the scene!"


See, up to this point I'd figured that Lucy was a no-no, because when I called the Philadelphia agency doing extras casting, they said no babies on the set (damn child labor laws!)

So I'm assuming this is a very short scene, and I'll just be wheeling Lu in the background.

But still. How cool.

Now I just have to figure out what she's going to wear.

And whether I can put the tiniest dab of styling product into her curls to guarantee that she'll have a good hair day.

And whether I'm an awful mother for even thinking to ask that question.

Oh, well.

Meanwhile, it seems that Cami threw a dinner party at Buddakan last night. No, I was not invited. No, I have not met her yet. Which may eventually have some sort of impact on our status as BFF.