Not Ready for My Close-Up

It's been miserable here -- cold and gray and rainy. Every time I speak to someone on the film crew, I apologize. "I'm sorry!" I say. "Philadelphia's usually really beautiful! And usually spring is farther along, and there are leaves on the trees and flowers in bloom, and it's not normally like this! Really, it's not!"

I know that I'm not personally responsible for the weather -- my delusions of grandeur haven't progressed that far yet -- but I know that it was eighty-five degrees and sunny when the cast and crew left Los Angeles. And I'm very invested in Philadelphia putting its best foot forward, and not looking, as it sometimes can on the big screen, like Dystopia Central.

This morning I was filmed for what will become the electronic press kit. I went to the set and got my hair and makeup done sitting right next to Brooke Smith, who plays Amy, and who has a baby girl a little older than Lucy. We talked about baby stuff, and everyone was very friendly, and sounding like they were happy to be here, even though the five a.m. calls haven't left them with much free time for sight-seeing or eating out. I can tell you that the Metropolitan Bakery has some new fans.

Then I came back home, turned off my cell phone, leashed Wendell to the third-floor bathroom door, and had a nice on-camera chat about the experience of seeing my book made into a movie. I think I said "amazing" about twenty times. "Surreal," too.

This afternoon I'm going to head up to Rittenhouse Square Park and watch them make it snow.