I know I said the other day that I only had one goal while IN HER SHOES was filming in Philadelphia, and that was not making a total ass of myself.

Turns out, I have two goals: not making a total ass of myself, and not turning into a pushy stage mother who will try to get her infant on camera.

So far, I think I'm 0 for 2.

This afternoon. I loaded Lu into her stroller, met up with our friends Alexa and Zach, and headed to Rittenhouse Square, where there was faux snow on the grass (it's actually real snow, made from actual ice), and a crane with a rain machine on top, creating a torrential downpour on the benches, two stunt dogs, and poor Toni Collette.

We slipped under the police barricades, said hello to everyone I've met so far, and tried to keep the babies out of the rain while we watched the action.

Then the guys who filmed me this morning stopped by and asked if they could shoot footage of me looking amazed and delighted at the filming.

I said, "Sure." And then I said, "Can the kid get in the picture?"

They were happy to oblige. I lifted her out of her stroller and pointed toward the action. Lucy pointed, too, and made some gurgles, and even patted the boom mike while the cameras rolled.

So when you buy the DVD for IN HER SHOES, and if she doesn't get left on the cutting-room floor, you'll be able to have a little Lucy in your life!