I just surfed my way over to an online discussion of chick lit, where someone posted, "I found Jennifer Weiner's first book completely unbelievable!"

I am so tempted to post, "Jennifer Weiner's first book found you completely unbelievable, too! How crazy is that?!?!"

Also, is it wrong for me to be impatient with reporters who begin their interviews, "Can you tell me the names of your books and what they're about?" I just want to say, "there's this thing called the internet! Ever heard of it?"

I told the childhood-development-expert lady who runs my Friday afternoon playgroup about the no-diaper movement, in hopes that she'd roll her eyes right along with me. "Oh, no," she said, "that's a cultural thing. In China, they sell little kids' pants with slits right down the center, so the kids squat in the street and the parents pick it up, and in African cultures, where women wear their babies, it's considered a sign of great shame if a mother gets peed on."

And then this woman whose baby is only a month or so older than Lu says she's already putting him on the potty seat!

Jeez Louise, I'm feeling inept today.