You know how your mom always said that things will look better in the morning?

Well, I don't think mom necessarily factored in two heavy-duty rum-based mixed drinks of the night before.

However, I did think of one positive thing to say about the Neighboring State Jewish Womens Group debacle, and it is this: they saved me a trip.

Normally, when I want to be around older Jewish women with unkind and dismissive things to say about my work and my child, I have to get on a plane and visit relatives.

So thank you, Neighboring State Jewish Womens Group!

And meanwhile, one more anecdote from the Day from Hell.

Eightysomething Jewish woman to Lucy: What a handsome little boy!

Me: Actually, she's a little girl.

Eightysomething Jewish woman, clearly irate: Well, HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?

Me: Um, she's wearing a dress?