I turned in the latest draft of LITTLE EARTHQUAKES to my agent, my editor, and my brother/manager Jake.

Now I can relax.

And do laundry.

I thought I knew what a bad laundry situation was when I was a single girl and would let things slide for a week or three.

But having a baby with a stomach virus basically raises laundry to a whole new game. Between the projectile vomiting and the, um, other stuff, we're averaging about four outfits a day here at Casa La Lu.

I started the laundering last night, dumping the first load of soiled baby clothes into the washing machine.

Unfortunately -- accidentally -- I also dumped in three Pampers.

Do you know what happens to a Pamper after it's been through the wash cycle?

Well, I do now!

Turns out, each Pamper is filled with a million little spheres of some kind of slippery superabsorbent gel. And now, so is my washing machine!

Yawn. More later. I'm thinking of forming a twelve-step group for authors addicted to Amazon.com. Think anyone will join?