This is more blogging than I've done in forever. I should have crummy readings all the time!

Anyhow, if there are any readers in Los Angeles who are free tomorrow night and who would like to attend a special child-free sneak preview reading from LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, please email me at jen (at), and I will tell you where and when and put you on The List. I guarantee that the event will end before "The Apprentice" starts.

I'm flying out tomorrow morning. My mother-in-law is on Lucy duty. Today we were going over the Life of Lucy: the parks and the playgroups and the places Lu likes to be.

"She can go to Sabrina's or Bridget Foy's or the Morning Glory and have a bagel," I said.

"Is there any place she's not welcome?" my mother-in-law asked.

"Um, Baltimore?"