This is just awful.

Blurbing books you might have otherwise passed because your agent or editor, has begged you, or because the author's a personal friend? I don't doubt that it happens.

But blurbing a book you don't like just because you think that having your name on the cover will help your own career?


That's breaking trust with your readers, and throwing integrity out the window, and it's just abhorrent. Shame, shame on Isabel Wolff.

In the international sour grapes department: I don't know who Lucy Davis is, but I can tell you that in all the months of casting I never heard her name come up on the Rose Feller shortlist...and I can assure you that nowhere, either in the novel or the adaptation is Rose described as "fat and ugly".

The extremely talented, Oscar-nominated Toni Collette is the one who got the part, and from what I've seen, she's an absolutely smashing Rose.

(Also, does it even make sense that Lucy Davis would have been offered the part and only then been shown the script?)

So fear not, alarmed readers of British tabloids!

Meanwhile, stateside readers should pick up a copy of this week's People, with Disgraced Martha on the cover, for v. cute pictures of Cameron Diaz on the set of IN HER SHOES cavorting with her boyfriend and with Shirley MacLaine's rat terrier (but not at the same time).

Wendell is sooooo jealous.