I'm back from my one-night stand in Los Angeles. I had a wonderful time. The reading at the Marina Rinaldi boutique went very well. Perhaps because none of the audience members -- or the outfits -- had anything to say about Dachau.

The crowd was full of friendly faces, including Pamie and Stee of literary, performance, and Television Without Pity fame, and not one, not two, but all three of the other Weiner siblings. Who are now all living in Los Angeles. Which upsets my mother to no end.

My favorite question about life as a writer was "how long do your sessions last?"

Sessions. See, I never would have thought of the hours I spent in Neighborhood Branch of Unnamed Chain Coffee Shop as "sessions." To me, "sessions" has a vaguely sexual connotation. "Your session's up. Now go put your pants back on!"

But the answer is four hours. No more, sometimes less.

And I got good news on both the IN HER SHOES movie front and GOOD IN BED on HBO front....nothing official, nothing on the record on that end, but things are moving along nicely, which is all yr. obed't author can hope for.

Meanwhile, I leave, I come back, and they STILL haven't figured out who Jane Austen Doe is?

I know Amy Bloom was the odds-on favorite for a while, but having read (and thoroughly enjoyed) EVEN A BLIND MAN CAN SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, I wasn't convinced. She writes with such grace and lacerating wit in her fiction that the tone of the Salon piece didn't sound a thing like her. Also, J.A.D. talked about ditching her day job for the literary life, where I'm pretty sure that Amy Bloom continues to work as a therapist, in addition to her writing.

And Anne Lamott? Well, BLUE SHOE made the Times list in hardcover, which I think takes you officially out of the Land of Midlist. It's hard to imagine that OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS isn't still in print, as every young mother I know got a copy from her hipster friends at a baby shower. Plus, it's hard to imagine Anne Lamott ghost-writing a celebrity bio. Unless the celebrity was Michael Moore. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and hard to imagine that J.A.D. isn't going to be outed sooner rather than later.

So I'm home. And I'm chilling. And tomorrow's my birthday! If you feel like doing something nice -- and free -- go to the comments sections at www.getcosi.com, and tell them that they need to add some changing tables, as yr. obed't author is tired of changing her daughter's diapers on their bathroom floor.