As of today, there will be no more slagging of Lucy I-Didn't-Want-To-Be-In-Your-Movie-Anyhow Davis. Several British readers have written to say that she's talented and quite lovely. Plus, she does have the most beautiful name in the world.

So you'll have to go elsewhere if you want to find someone making fun of her upcoming role in The Sex Lives of the Potato Men.

Nor will we mock her for her kooky insistence that she didn't want to play a character any plumper or plainer than she is in real life, because we all know how well that turns out.

Moving on!

It looks like MTV's latest contingent of the young and the oversexed won't be coming to Philadelphia after all. On the one hand, bummer -- it would have been nice to see the city looking hip and vibrant, instead of corrupt and decrepit. On the other hand, anything that would have made it even harder to get into a Stephen Starr restaurant was bad news in the Weiner/Bonin axis.

It's so nice to read about a struggling author getting what sounds like a well-deserved happy ending. I have't read THE SLEEPING FATHER yet, but will get a copy as soon as I finish my own book. If it's good enough for my beloved Susan Isaacs, it's good enough for me.

Finally, one more piece of movie news to pass along: no actual old people will be harmed in the filming of IN HER SHOES, but some of them will get to be on-screen!