News from the Babyverse....the Social Security Administration's list of top names for 2003 is up. Top 10 for little girls: Emily, Emma, Madison, Hannah, Hailey, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Isabella, Olivia and Abigail.

Lucy's not even in the top 100 -- it got beat out by the likes of Destiny (60), Trinity (61), Aaliyah (74), Lillian and Jillian (87 and 88, and does anyone see a trend here?), and Maggie (99).

This is good news, as far as I'm concerned. When we learned we were having a girl, I wanted her to have a name that was pretty enough to work for a little girl but solid enough so that it wouldn't sound ridiculous during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. I wanted it to be classic but not overused, familiar but not boring. And, more than anything else, I didn't want to give her a top 10 name and have her suffer through the indigities that every Jennifer in the 1970's endured -- being one of five girls with the same name in any given classroom, camp group or soccer team.

I love the name Sophie dearly. But Sophia/Sophie is number 15, and it seems especially popular here on the east coast, where you can't swing a dead cat in a playground without hitting (and grossing out) a Sophie or two. Ditto Lilly -- number 37, with a bullet, I think.

I also loved the name -- and I'll write it here because I doubt I'll ever get to use it -- Maisie. It had a fresh, sweet, Henry Jamesian appeal. Adam nixed it. "Sounds like a cow," he said.

So Lucy it was, and so far, so good, although I'm starting to worry. Every time we get a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue in the mail -- and, given my shopping habits, they're arriving every three days or so -- there will be a picture of some wall hanging or monogrammed towel labeled LUCY.


Also, filming on IN HER SHOES begins today in Los Angeles. Happy filming, everyone!