Dog food. It's all about the dog food.

In the past weeks Lucy has mastered the forward crawl. She's proficient. She's speedy. She can scoot across the living room, made her way into the kitchen, and clamber over to the dog food bowl, which I bought in Las Vegas and which looks like a small purple throne and is ornamented with fake jewels, and scoops up a fistful of kibble.

So far I've prevented her from actually eating any, but either we're going to relocate the food dish or resign ourselves to the girl ingesting some Iams. Am not sure how bad that would be....I mean, it's not like it's generic dog food, right?

In other news, I have it on good authority that Sofia Coppola was not spoofing My BFF Cami in LOST IN TRANSLATION. I still don't think it's a Best Picture -- at the end of the day it's still a hot young girl/older married man story, with some gratuitous shots at the Japanese (they're short! And they talk funny!) thrown into the mix -- but because Sofia Coppola is not an enemy of My Cami, you should feel free to root for her to get that Oscar.

And lots of you have been asking what's up with GOOD IN BED on HBO. Here's what I know -- SEX AND THE CITY is wrapping up, and GOOD IN BED is in active development. That's all I know now, but when I learn more, I'll post it. Swear!

I'm going to head to Los Angeles later this month, and I'll be visiting the set of IN HER SHOES, where I have promised not to harass anyone or ask to take pictures of -- or with -- Toni and Cami and Shirley. Or, you know, ask if they can hold my baby and then taking pictures. I will not do this! But if it should happen, pictures will be posted.

And in the last bit of news, my sister Molly auditioned earlier this week to play the part of Rose's secretary. Keep your fingers crossed!