Happy New Year!

More IN HER SHOES casting news....Toni Collette will be playing the part of Rose! All the details are in today's Variety.

I'm really, really happy with this. I think Toni Collette's an amazing actress. I've loved her since MURIEL'S WEDDING. She's filmed in Philadelphia before. And, best of all, I think she's enough of a chameleon so that Rose on the screen will look like the Rose I imagined. Although Toni Collette did look very thin in last Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES. Perhaps I should send her a cheesesteak.

And yes, I know I'd, um, mentioned something about putting a piece of the new book up on the weblog, and I haven't forgotten. I'm just knee deep in revisions, going through the arduous but interesting process of trying to decide whether parts work better in first or third person. So please be patient! The book exists! I am not making this up!