Lucy is seven months old today.


Here is what I can report on her development.

1. More hair. Light brown. Looks blond in the sunshine. Seems to be on the wavy side. She still also has her little bald spot, smack in the middle of the back of her head. It's perfectly round. Like a crop circle. And beneath it is the last remaining lock of the dark-brown hair she was born with. Which looks like a baby mullet.

2. Lots of babbling. Goo goos, ga gas, la la las, and a noise that sounds like Ernie on Sesame Street laughing (khee hee hee!)

3. Evidence of rudimentary sense of humor. The other morning, we were in bed, and I said, "Lucy, someone in this bed has a VERY WET DIAPER." I looked at her, letting the pause stretch out. "And I don't wear diapers!" She cracked up. It was tres cute.

4. Food preferences. Likes: oatmeal, Cheerios, bananas. Dislikes: the sweet potato/turkey combo I tried to feed her tonight. Is neutral on: almost everything else.

5. Increased wriggliness. Especially on the changing table. But no crawling yet, although she's started doing this revving-up thing, where she'll rock back and forth on her hands and feed like she's gathering momentum for takeoff. Then she'll get tired and collapse onto the floor with her cheek on the carpet, and close her eyes and give a small, exhausted sigh. Also very cute.

Lucy experienced her first snow over the weekend, and I think she's a fan. Because the sidewalks hadn't been shoveled and were not stroller friendly, I put her into her backpack and carried her around the city. She does this humming thing while we walk -- "mmm mmm mmm" with each step I take -- and then she falls asleep, slumped over sideways on my shoulder.